EVGA X570 DARK Motherboard Pictured

EVGA will be releasing its first AMD motherboard in many years when their X570 DARK launches, and while they have teased its existence (YouTube link) we finally have a clear picture (literally) of what the board will look like. Followers of EVGA’s Jacob Freeman will have already seen this tweet, but I have embedded it below just in case:

👀👀 https://t.co/LwexhwKrMZ pic.twitter.com/HjXL2SxpBd

— Jacob Freeman (@EVGA_JacobF) August 25, 2021

Mr. Freeman also clarified for one commenter that this will be based on AMD’s newer X570S variant of the chipset, so active cooling won’t be required – though this is clearly not a mainstream motherboard option. Support for just two DIMMs and the presence of just a pair of PCI Express expansion slots reinforces that this, like other DARK motherboards from EVGA, is intended as a tool for enthusiast overclockers. Naturally, this won’t stop anyone from purchasing it to use in a stock system if they so choose, and it is a really cool looking board – an important consideration, as we all know.

EVGA X570 DARK Motherboard Pictured - Motherboards 2

Just a couple of years ago it seemed like we would never see another AMD board from EVGA, and here we are. We live in strange times. Pricing and availability information will have to wait for the official launch, as we are still operating without any official PR about this product other than teasers like this.

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