Nothing too fancy here tonight folks, out of town traveling.  You should listen to our podcast while driving though.  But not the YouTube version, keep your eyes on the road.

Hot and fresh burger served up quickly.

ASUS does thermalpads in secret, Zen4 and socket AM5 discussion and rumors, Ryzen 7 vs Intel i7, the next Windows 10 will be awesome!, Biomutant is eh?, Nvidia Revenue is bonkers and much more. Check out the topics below!

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Show Topics


02:09 Burger of the Week

05:30 AMD Zen 4 Rumors

12:14 How NOT to Install LGA CPUs

13:35 Intel’s Next Socket Not Compatible with Current Coolers?

15:03 TechSpot’s Ryzen 7 5800X vs. Core i7-11700K Face-off

20:36 Josh Guides You Through NVIDIA Earnings

29:55 Ad Break: TextExpander 31:06 Arm Hiring Freeze?

34:17 Microsoft and Qualcomm Team For Windows on Arm Mini PC

39:17 The Mysterious Case of the Thermal Pad Thickness

41:30 The Next Version of Windows Will Be the BEST EVER

44:24 Ad Break: Clear

45:47 Linux on Chromebooks Out of Beta

47:20 Intel’s H20 – A Fusion of Optane and QLC

51:17 The Promise of Biomutant

53:42 USB-C 2.1 Supports 240W

56:21 ASUS Offers MASSIVE Power Delivery on new Z590 Board

1:00:01 GeIL ORION RGB 4400 MHz RAM Review

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